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Angry Rhino Simulator by Yamtar GamesAngry Rhino Simulator

Rated 3.75(8) — Yamtar Games

✦ Extreme wild life mode.✦ Console quality 3D graphics, animations and effects.✦ Huge 3D forest map.✦ Lots of animal enemies - hyena, rhino, lion, bear, boar, buffalo, elephant, deer, gorilla, wolf, cheetah, crocodile, domestic animals and more.

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Bat Simulator by Yamtar GamesBat Simulator

Rated 3.70(10) — Yamtar Games

Dynamic gameplay, captivating storyline and superb graphics. The game takes place in a fantasy world resembling our Middle Ages.You have to raise your bat horde and take a trip to the great unknown world. You will meet dangerous enemies and monsters...

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Carnivorous Plant Simulator by Yamtar GamesCarnivorous Plant Simulator

Rated 4.40(67) — Yamtar Games

You are going to control carnivorous plant horde. Explore territories full of dangers. Fight against predator insects, animals, creatures, monsters etc.Game features:-Big world.-Unique monsters.-Exciting tasks.-Character upgrade.

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Crazy Gorilla Rampage by Yamtar GamesCrazy Gorilla Rampage

Rated 3.80(10) — Yamtar Games

Guide the evil beast family on leaving only chaos and destruction behind you.Control an angry gorilla family wandering around the jungle and destroying everything in your path. Game features:✓ Control huge gorilla family.✓ Absorbing missions.✓...

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Fishman Simulator by Yamtar GamesFishman Simulator

Rated 3.89(37) — Yamtar Games

Complete missions, raise your fishman, unlock new levels, find a family and rule the unknown world.Features:* Control huge fishman family.* Console quality graphics.* Huge map.

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Ghost Simulator by Yamtar GamesGhost Simulator

Rated 4.10(10) — Yamtar Games

In this ghost simulator you can feel like a ghost. Explore lush forest, wastelands and other locations. Play as a ghost and rule the world. Fight other creatures, improve your ghosts and make them stronger.Game features:-Unique characters.-Huge fantasy...

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Harpy Simulator by Yamtar GamesHarpy Simulator

Rated 3.09(196) — Yamtar Games

Harpy Simulator features:• Explore interactive 3D world.• Console quality graphics.• Wide range of different quests and creatures.• Customize of your harpy.• Realistic animations.Explore this fantastic forest, fight with different creatures...

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Hellhound Simulator by Yamtar GamesHellhound Simulator

Rated 4.49(119) — Yamtar Games

Feel what it's like to be a hellhound. Apply unique skills and fight against creatures. Use your claws as weapon. Defend your territory from invasion of enemies. Raise your group, unlock new skills and survive.Game features:-Control hellhound group.-Many.

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Ice Golem Simulator 3D by Yamtar GamesIce Golem Simulator 3D

Rated 4.27(33) — Yamtar Games

Collect items to unlock new skills and hunt enemies to gain health. Fight to Barbarians, Cyclops, Elves, Goblins, Guards, Ogres, Orcs, Skeletons, Villagers, Wizards, Zombies and more.* Features *- Huge map to explore- Bright and quality graphics.- Compati

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Mudman Simulator by Yamtar GamesMudman Simulator

Rated 3.97(32) — Yamtar Games

Mudman Simulator - help the mudman group survive in the forest. Watch the fantasy wild life through the eyes of mudman. Complete a variety of tasks and develop your group, improve their performance and learn different skills.Game features:-Great graphics.

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Ant Simulator by Yamtar GamesAnt Simulator

Rated 4.58(19) — Yamtar Games

Take ant colony through many adventures and battles. Explore an incredible world of insects monsters and animals. Be ready for battles against wasps, scorpions and other dangerous creatures.Game features:-Huge and colorful world.-Interesting tasks.-Differ

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Beetle Simulator by Yamtar GamesBeetle Simulator

Rated 4.40(10) — Yamtar Games

Help a beetle family with numerous difficulties waiting at every step. Control the beetle in the fights against creatures. Develop your character, change his characteristics.Game features:-Bright graphics.-Various locations.-Dangerous enemies.-Exciting...

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Cave Monster by Yamtar GamesCave Monster

Rated 5.00(6) — Yamtar Games

In this rpg game, you will act like a cave monster. To kill enemies you must be quick and skillful.Here is a freaking dangerous cave monster ready to slice its oppenents into pieces! Clever enemies including Barbarians, Cyclops, Elves, Goblins, Guards...

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Dragon Simulator by Yamtar GamesDragon Simulator

Rated 4.23(248) — Yamtar Games

Dragon Simulator - Fight various enemies including ghosts, fantasy animals, creatures and monsters. In this simulator game you'll be able to control the most powerful magical creature from fairy tales and legends. Improve your dragons.Game features:-Huge.

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Gargoyle Simulator by Yamtar GamesGargoyle Simulator

Rated 4.54(35) — Yamtar Games

Use your big wings as weapon in this mythic monster garyogle simulator. Defend your territory from invasion of creatures. Attack cruel monsters. Complete hard quests and get experience as reward. Develop your character and unlock new abilities.Game featur

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Giant Frog Simulator by Yamtar GamesGiant Frog Simulator

Rated 4.09(22) — Yamtar Games

Control giant frog family in your adventure. Be ready to mosnters,animals and other dangerous predators. Use unique abilities against enemies during hunt.Game features:-Control giant frog family.-Beautiful locations.-Dangerous opponents.-Exciting tasks...

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Headless Warrior Simulator by Yamtar GamesHeadless Warrior Simulator

Rated 4.20(15) — Yamtar Games

Get ready for incredible adventures in a fantasy world. You are going to control headless warrior colony. Master various skills which can be applied by the monster in the battles. Explore territories full of dangers. Fight against predators, insects...

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Hyena Wild Life Simulator by Yamtar GamesHyena Wild Life Simulator

Rated 3.43(7) — Yamtar Games

Help the strong and cunning predator in many adventures in an endless forest and jungles. Immerse yourself into the atmosphere of forest wild life in this addictive game.Hunt different pray. Do tasks and track down rare animals. Sneak up unto your target.

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Merman Simulator by Yamtar GamesMerman Simulator

Rated 3.74(19) — Yamtar Games

Ultimate merman simulator game is an action packed simulator game that you control a group of mermans. Raise your characters, unlock new spells, complete missions and rule the fantasy world.Game Features* High quality graphics.* Control a merman group.*..

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Mummy Simulator by Yamtar GamesMummy Simulator

Rated 4.50(14) — Yamtar Games

If you enjoy playing 3D simulator type games that you act like a creature, you will enjoy taking control of this mummy.Take control of this terrible creature and hunt down the enemies. Clever enemies including Barbarians, Cyclops, Elves, Goblins, Guards..

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