zielok.com published 45 applications on Google Play, 10,515 people rated these apps with an average rating of 3.26!

Archer bow shooting by zielok.comArcher bow shooting

Rated 3.44(2,017) — zielok.com

This addictive game improve your skills! Practice your bow shooting skills and become a best archer on the world! Grab a Archer bow shooting game a show who is the best! Get arrow, bow and shoot to target!How to play:Tap and move finger to aim, release...

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Blocks Breaker Machine by zielok.comBlocks Breaker Machine

Rated 3.87(191) — zielok.com

This is Arkanoid, Brick Breaker or Breakout game with a revolutionary and super gameplay and a beautiful HD graphics!. Try something new and fresh! This game will take you to a super journey.Bouncing the ball on the paddle appeared in games from the...

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Brick crush by zielok.comBrick crush

Rated 5.00(2) — zielok.com

This is match-2 minimalist and relaxing puzzle game!Try to beat high score, unlock all modes and have fun in Brick crush!Features:- Logical puzzle game suitable for all ages.- Clean, colorful & minimalist graphics- Great sound effects and music- 100...

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Color Balls by zielok.comColor Balls

Rated 3.86(418) — zielok.com

It is classic Color Lines game and one of the most interesting and addictive puzzle game! This is a very fun and easy game to play but hard to master! Your task is to score as many points as possible by making lines of one color balls (5 or more) in...

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Draw a line adventure by zielok.comDraw a line adventure

Rated 0.00(0) — zielok.com

Draw a line adventure is a ridiculous and fresh touch classic platform game. Featuring 36 levels of non-stop fun with easy to learn gameplay. But it's not gonna be easy, levels are harder and harder. Try to grab all coins with limited time and length...

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Fast food by zielok.comFast food

Rated 3.36(196) — zielok.com

This game is designed for your mobile device.You are hired in fast food restaurant (quick service restaurant). You must serve burgers, chips and drinks fast as possible to grab more points. Try to beat your best score!Features:- great and high quality...

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Fruit memory by zielok.comFruit memory

Rated 3.90(68) — zielok.com

Your task is to find these same fruits and match them up. Great game for kids, teens and for adults. Try to beat the best result in all difficult levels. Children love this memory game!Features:- cartoon HD graphics- cute music- online leaderboards -...

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Funny virtual beer by zielok.comFunny virtual beer

Rated 0.00(0) — zielok.com

This is not a real beer! This is a virtual alcohol and funny app! This app simulate a drink virtual beer. Tilting the phone a drink unless you want. This app contains counter drunk beers, realistic sound, great handpainted gfx, realistic animation of...

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Growing Balls by zielok.comGrowing Balls

Rated 3.41(54) — zielok.com

Cool arcade game with innovative gameplay. Try to bet the best score! Growing balls based on Hundreds flash game idea.How to play:Tap on a ball to a growing the ball. You win when the sum of grow balls is equal 100. Do not grow balls when they touch...

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Ice cream shop cooking game by zielok.comIce cream shop cooking game

Rated 3.37(891) — zielok.com

Ice Cream shop cooking game is fun game where you serve ice creams.This game is designed for your mobile device.How to Play:- Tap and move waffle, ice cream (1 or 2 or 3 scoop), and coating - Tap and move your comple Ice cream to customers' ordersMake...

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Awesome Cat Puzzle by zielok.comAwesome Cat Puzzle

Rated 3.00(1) — zielok.com

Awesome Cat Puzzle is a classic puzzle game. This cat is a small animal, but a bad dog wants to catch him! Be a hero and help to run out this awesome cat. You must arrange tiles to escape. This is a really survival journey but you can help! Please don't..

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Break the blocks by zielok.comBreak the blocks

Rated 3.72(252) — zielok.com

Break the blocks is a match two game. This is another implementation one of famous ball game, called Same Game.Your task is a remove a certain number of blocks. Tap two or more blocks of the same colour to destroy them.Features:- great graphics- music...

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Circles galaxy by zielok.comCircles galaxy

Rated 4.50(6) — zielok.com

Simple, relaxing, logic, endless puzzle game. Arrange circles, do not rush and relaxing when you playing!This game never ended! Play endless, make combos!Game author also created highly rated board puzzle Number 7!Clear the board!. Play Circles Galaxy...

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Color Square by zielok.comColor Square

Rated 4.50(6) — zielok.com

Color Square is one of the most interesting and fun addictive classic puzzle game! This game is a good brain trainer for you or for your friends.Features:- great HD graphics- cool music and sfx effects- install on SD card- 3 difficulty levels- 60 levels-.

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Escape from House Garden by zielok.comEscape from House Garden

Rated 4.14(57) — zielok.com

It's time to escape from dangerous house garden! Can you escape? You are a small creature and you're really scared! You must jump and avoid all adversity! Try to house garden escape in tons of cartoon animations! Run on 18 level and get small amounts...

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Find Girl in the City by zielok.comFind Girl in the City

Rated 3.43(28) — zielok.com

Great logic (memory) game for you. Practice your memory in this addictive game.How to play:Observe where is a girls. Next try to tap their position. Where you point near position you grab a points. Try to complete all levels!Features:- many girls- great..

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Fruits Day Mania by zielok.comFruits Day Mania

Rated 3.90(10) — zielok.com

Fruits day mania is a very addictive classic arcade game. Be the ultimate sweet fruit eater and complete all levels! Avoid all other worms and win!Fruits day mania Features:- 40 level- colorful graphics- great sound effects- pure arcade- very good gamepla

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Great Bubble Shooter free by zielok.comGreat Bubble Shooter free

Rated 3.85(321) — zielok.com

Shoot bubbles! Match colors! Make the biggest score! Help the penguin!This is a classic bubble shooting match-3 game. Shoot bubble to match colors a try to make the biggest score. This is very exciting and challenging free arcade and puzzle game!How...

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Gun shooting by zielok.comGun shooting

Rated 3.52(609) — zielok.com

This is the great Gun shooting game (with hd graphics and online high score)!This addictive game improve your skills! Practice your gun shooting skills and become a master of the world! Grab this game a show who is the best Gun Shooter!How to play:Tap...

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Ice Rocket by zielok.comIce Rocket

Rated 4.04(24) — zielok.com

Challenge and great cartoon visual in Ice Rocket! Are you bored of slow and not dynamic racing games? If you say "YES" you must try power game Ice Rocket. This is fast and hard difficulty level game. You still want play one more time and you never want...

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